Welcome to Azure Gate Consulting

Azure Gate Consulting guides and teaches individuals and organizations to turn around uncomfortable work-related situations. We work with issues between two or more individuals, problems between individuals and organizations, and challenges among different groups in an organization and/or across an entire project or program.

In addition to turnaround support and coaching, Azure Gate provides the following training offerings, which can be customized to your needs:

  • Facilitative Leadership
  • Collaboration for Cross Functional Teams
  • Setting a Collaborative Context
  • Effective Conflict Engagement
  • Scrum Immersion Day

At Azure Gate, we believe that work is an impetus to personal growth, and that the best personal growth moves all concerned to a higher level of performance and satisfaction. We foster learning in context among all parties participating in the relationship or work process.

Feel free to peruse our site. You’ll find a variety of useful articles and presentations. We are here to support you in working toward excellence in delivering life-enhancing products and work experiences.

For more info, please contact our Principal, Jean Richardson.