Jean Richardson
Jean at Azuregate dot Net

A software development professional since 1989, Jean Richardson is experienced in individual and group coaching, project management, writing, training, public speaking, and requirements and business analysis. During her career, she has designed and implemented a number of communications programs, managed dozens of projects, built large and small co-located and distributed teams, led process improvement initiatives, and led professional development and education efforts for software developers in all specialties.

As a businessperson, she is firmly aware of the value, as well as the cost, of customer intimacy. She cautions fellow software professionals against too strictly applying the adage “it’s just business,” because business is done by human beings. She has learned that basic human issues are at the root of most business problems and most customer/vendor, employer/employee, or client/consultant disputes. Jean believes that if we ignore this fact we dehumanize ourselves and imperil our society.

As a consultant, her client list boasts a wide range of businesses including ADP, Chrome Systems, Intel, Freightliner, Kaiser Permanente, Kryptiq Corporation, Mentor Graphics, Oregon State Department of Human Services, The Regence Group, and US Bank.  EPHT GEORGE, a project Jean managed for the Public Health Division of Oregon State Department of Human Services, won the Project Management Institute 2009 Project of the Year Award for the Portland Chapter.

Jean’s background includes thirteen years’ experience as a court-based mediator, and she brings a strong orientation to her practice as healing work.  She has a no-nonsense approach to the exigencies of business, and her orientation to work as path and the workplace as a context for character formation combined with her skills in encountering difficult situations result in a wide array of creative consulting approaches to solve frequently encountered problems.

A survey of clients revealed the following regarding Jean’s leadership style, modelling, and effectiveness:

Jean is a strong leader. She is a good listener and is disciplined about reflecting back what she thought she heard before moving forward with her advice or observation. It is clear that she is empathetic and equally concerned about the effectiveness of any team member, whatever role they are in (examples: manager, VP, team member).

One wants to carry out and participate in any project Jean chairs. She is very pleasant and intelligent.

Well, Jean’s leadership approach is very straightforward and integrated with her values, so it comes across as coherent. She is direct, holds everyone to high standards (including herself) and is clear about problems. She combines this with broad people, organizational and project skills, so she can also provide detailed support where necessary.

Jean leads by example, modeling the behavior she expects. She is very clear about ownership of results. She is ethical and questions herself and her motives to be sure she is not biased.

Jean demonstrates both a high level of integrity and a significant amount of courage. I would judge her to be among the top 5 persons on these criteria that I’ve worked with.