Individual Coaching

I provide professional development, leadership, and transition coaching for individuals who are: navigating a career transition, interested in adjusting to an agility supporting leadership stance, or interested in getting a quick ramp up on Agile principles, practices, and frameworks.

I have six years’ experience as an Agile Coach, over twenty years’ experience in project management, is trained in Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching, Developmental Coaching, mediation, arbitration, and has advanced workplace conflict engagement coaching.  Because of my understanding that our work is the path we travel toward our becoming, over the last thirty years my focus as a consultant and most recently as a coach is both on the specific goals you bring to the coaching engagement and you holistically.

Here’s how you will work together.  First, you may schedule a free 30 minute consultation so you and I can get to know each other and find out whether we’re a match.  We’ll talk about your coaching goals and either craft one to three SMART goals together, or you can do that on your own and send them to me after we talk.  Then, you’ll receive a contract for your review.  I prefer to only contracts for six to eight one-hour sessions at a time so that we stay goal-focused.  We’ll be working toward your goals, specifically, during those sessions.

You can schedule your first 30-minute introductory session or subsequent 60 minute coaching sessions here.

We’ll keep an eye on your goals and progress as you go along.  We re-evaluate where you are versus where you want to be at the end of each series of sessions.

It’s important to note that my style is to support coachees in certain ways that go beyond the hour per week, and this tends to mean that there is “homework.”  I may connect you with people to do informational interviews or leader-to-leader conversations.  I may recommend books that we’ll discuss.  There may be journaling exercises or additional self-knowledge generating tasks such as taking inventories such as SCARF or courage or resilience evaluations.  Or you may be working through developing a personal, leadership, or career strategy and plan.  It depends on what your goals are and how quickly you want to move.

I’ll be listening, asking questions and providing resources most of the time.  You make the decisions.  The key thing is your commitment to your own growth and transformation.  I’m here to support that.