The Pervasive Leadership Overview white paper describes the drivers for this leadership model and indicates some of its precursors.  Additional content related to Pervasive Leadership is available in related articles and conference presentations below, at Jean’s blog (category:  Pervasive Leadership) and in her upcoming book on the topic.

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Jean’s master’s thesis, In Your Own Hands:  Personal Integrity and the Individual’s Experience of Work Life, can be found here.

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Why Mentoring Doesn’t Work

by Heidi V. Anderson

3 pages. Publication Date: Jun 01, 2003. Prod. #: C0306B-PDF-ENG

Mentoring today is much different than it was years ago, when perhaps an older man who had been in the business for years dispensed wisdom to a young, eager new hire. For one thing, it is much more reciprocal, and mentoring rarely comes from just one person. What hasn’t changed is the importance of mentoring, as a mentoring program not only improves employees’ skills, it also increases their loyalty to the company. So, in an era in which training and development budgets are tight, making sure a mentoring program is all that it can be makes good bottom-line sense and will help both the mentor and the protege

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