Our services are clustered around a common theme of practice and common research in the fields of systems science, empirical process control, communication, cognitive psychology, and human dynamics. Many of our services are undergirded by competencies in adaptive and predictive project management methodologies.

All of our services are targeted at various aspects of the same problem: Work in complex organizations can be demoralizing and deconstructing, while the people who are drawn to it are typically motivated by skill development, self definition, and the desire to build something exciting that is an expression of themselves or their worldview. This is particularly true for knowledge workers. Along the way, various things go wrong or are lost in the “heat of battle.”

The methods and social technologies we employ help that which has gone wrong go right and learning occur so that the client does not become consultant-dependent and has skills to prevent a return to the previous painful way of doing business.

  • Agile and Traditional Project Leadership services include leading a project team and their deliverables toward a successful closing.
  • Project Recovery services include project analysis and coaching of team members to facilitate project turnaround.
  • Project Audit services include application of the delphi method to generate a project audit report in alignment with COBIT, PMI PMBOK, or Scrum frameworks to generate a Green/Yellow/Red status as well as a recommendation for actions to take to get the project back on track.
  • Collaboration Training services include integrated training under the project leadership service set or stand alone classroom based training.  Jean has been teaching Collaboration for Cross-functional Teams at the university level for over 10 years and now offers Setting Collaborative Context, a class on how to lead in an environment that desires a highly collaboratively workforce.
  • Teambuilding services include the design and facilitation of customized activities and training to foster greater understanding and alignment across the team.
  • Agile and Leadership Coaching services with individuals or teams who are interested in growing to the next level of professional competency as well as individuals who are interested in making career changes.
  • Retrospective Facilitation services include project, sprint, and “after action review” meetings to draw out root cause, edges of growth, and large and small opportunities for blame in a non-blaming but high accountability context.
  • Mediation services include problem analysis, conciliation, and safe-context setting for situations where two individuals can more effectively come to resolution and improve their working relationship through discussions facilitated by a third party.
  • Problem Solving services include problem analysis resulting in a report of the range of solutions which can move the problem toward solution and closure.

In addition to these standard services, Azure Gate offers versions of public workshops customized to your organizations requirements. Query for more information and watch the Events tab for notices about upcoming public workshops and classes.